Aaron hails from Motherwell and now lives in Glasgow, Scotland.  He has a degree in music from the University of Glasgow, and is Principal Organist at St Bride’s Roman Catholic Church in Cambuslang. He is one of the team of recitalists who perform daily lunchtime concerts on the Lewis organ in Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow. 

A long-term theatre organ enthusiast, Aaron is involved with the Scottish Cinema Organ Trust as well as the  Cinema Organ Society.  He is keen to promote the theatre organ to new audiences. 

Following his 2019 performance at the American Theatre Organ Society’s annual convention in Rochester, New York, Aaron received the ultimate honour for a young organist of winning the international Young Theatre Organist of the Year competition, having won the UK title two years before. Only a few months later, Aaron was awarded the Ian Sutherland Award by the Cinema Organ Society, an award made directly to a player who displays outstanding talent and promise as a theatre organist. 

Aaron has also received acclaim as a choral conductor, having conducted various ensembles, including a three year reign with the University of Glasgow Chamber Choir. He continues to work as a freelance conductor, accompanist and tutor. 

Aaron launching the fundraising campaign for the Summerlee Compton Cinema organ.

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